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Call 0800-ARRANGE

Call 0800-277-2643 for a friendly chat about getting a loan for your first home, or options for restructuring your mortgage.

Call 0800 ARRANGE

Call 0800-ARRANGE (0800-277-2643) for a friendly chat about getting a loan for your first home, or options for restructuring your mortgage.

You might be surprised at how easy it is.

About Us

Edge Mortgages has been helping clients arrange mortgages since 1998, when Glen McLeod came back from the UK. Jon Purdey joined the company in 2004. Since that time the company has grown in reputation, strength & number.

As principals of Edge Mortgages, both Glen and Jon have extensive local and international banking experience in all aspects of residential & commercial lending. As a result the team has valuable connections across a number of banks and non-bank lenders and can help arrange any type of mortgage.

The Principals, and the rest of the Edge team, are here to ensure that the highest levels of service and integrity are followed at all times and we are dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients.

Why use Edge Mortgages?

We pride ourselves on getting the best deal for our clients.

At Edge Mortgages we also know how to present the deal to ensure it has the best chance of getting approved. As well as judging the best bank to go to we know where it should best go within the bank – for example, it may be that a residential deal best goes to a commercial contact based on an aspect of the information provided. It’s our job to do everything to make sure it gets approved.

Currently, for a standard residential deal through a trading bank, the lender pays the broker’s fee, meaning that you get all this skill and professional knowledge at no cost to you! Which other profession provides that?

If you are looking for a home loan, commercial mortgage or personal finance the question is not why should you use Edge Mortgages – the question is why wouldn’t you?

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