Lifestyle Properties

Lifestyle Property Finance

More of us are leaving the packed city-life for our dream lifestyle property than ever before.

There are some very strict guidelines for how the banks measure how much they will lend against a lifestyle property and each differs in how much they will lend.

The common guidelines for what constitutes a lifestyle property are that it needs to be less the 10 hectares in size and it cannot be “income producing” (from the point of view that cattle or agriculture is farmed there, as examples). Any time that income is derived via use of the land it can put it into the category of “Farm Lending”. We can also source lending for farms, but the criteria are different.

We can help guide you on the best way to approach funding for this type of property and have the latest information on which bank is best suited to your needs if you are purchasing a lifestyle property.

So, if you are thinking of making the move out of the city please give us a call.